Pre Engineered Building

Our pre-engineered building system is unmatched in its speed and value. Buildings, to suit specific needs, are designed, engineered, manufactured and shipped in less than 8 weeks and at a cost that is as low as 30 percent of the cost of conventional steel buildings (when compared to speed of occupancy and space usability).

Clear spans up to 93 meters wide and eave heights as high as 30 meters are possible.

From planning to occupancy, nothing matches Arcedges Steel’s Pre-Engineered Building System in terms of versatility, flexibility and total value-engineering. The pre-engineered building system is, without doubt, one of the fastest growing building systems in the world. The advantages that it offers appeal to all parties involved in the project. After all, who can resist a building system that offers speed, quality and value.

Applications of pre-engineered buildings are numerous. Described in few words, pre-engineered buildings are ideal for any non-residential low-rise building.

Primary Framing
The main frames.
Secondary framing
Z and C sections.
Roof and wall panels
single skin and insulated sandwich panels.
Structural subsystems
canopies, fascias, partitions, etc.
Floor Systems
mezzanines, catwalks, platforms, etc.
Other building accessories
sliding doors, roll up doors, windows, louvers, etc.

The pre-engineered steel building system in itself offers great advantages to the customer as a more feasible, practical and efficient alternative to conventional buildings. The system has earned acceptance across the world and is gaining rapid ground in India as well. Some of the distinct advantages include:

  • Durability – Weather resistant, Earthquake resistant
  • Value – Low initial investment, Low maintenance costs
  • Environment friendly – All the materials can be recycled
  • Flexible – Easy to expand, easy to setup and change
  • Faster – Reduced construction time
  • Aesthetics – Gives the engineer enough flexibility to create unique structures