Strategic Planning

Arcedges is an ISO 9001:2015 certified accredited companies so we have to invest in the quality planning and implementation. Once a contract is signed, Arcedges gets into an interactive working relationship and partners the client at every step to reach the desired design solution. Experienced professionals from the Company take complete responsibility and are in handholding mode till the project’s successful completion.

We adopt the best quality practices, which has led to continuous improvements in processes, procedures and products. We with our strong presence in is India's most preferred engineering company when it comes to the turnkey pre-engineered steel construction solutions. This is due to several success factors including Arcedges superior Design Centre, state-of-art manufacturing facilities, large team of trained and dedicated workforce, secure delivery of material and project completion within stipulated cost and time boundaries. Arcedges provides complete solution for structural systems to suit almost any kind of steel construction.

Arcedges project management team directly interacts with the customer, drastically cutting down on response time and facilitating collaborative understanding. Well-established in-house Q.A. Laboratory to ensure quality in different stages of manufacturing. High quality welding process and technology are used. Non-destructive testing on welding joints is carried out. Only branded and reputed consumables are used for manufacturing.

Aesthetic Design & Engineering

Designs at ARCEDGES are optimized, supporting optimal use of steel leading to an overall robust and stable structure. With the use of specialized software packages and custom-developed analysis tools, Arcedges has digitized the entire engineering process. Design calculations are comprehensive and explanations as well as references are furnished to enable consultants to understand the designs of Arcedges.

We have equipped ourselves with world-class design & engineering office manned with team of experienced Design & Engineers professionals and equipped with latest design softwares. Stadd.Pro, SAP 2000, AUTODESK AUTOCAD 2016, MS Projects are among the few design and detailing tools are in use at ARCEDGES design & engineering center, thus delivers the quick, accurate and cost effective solutions.

The design office offer intelligent engineering solutions and support pre & post order functions with arrangement, fabrication & erection drawings. The computerized drafting & detailing simplify manufacturing programs and erection methods. We have built our reputation by providing designs that meet these criteria.

ARCEDGES always focuses its energies on increasing the utility of the buildings and reducing costs by the application of optimized design technology

The primary function of the Design & Engineering Department is to give a finite shape to the client’s wish list by:

Finalising the building specifications as per requirements.
Evaluating and developing solutions and presenting the best possible options
Continuously interacting with the client, providing in-house technical consultancy to ensure an optimum building design solution
Proposing flexible options that are easy to expand, setup and change
Finalising the building design

Product Development

Arcedges engineering strengths help convert complex and expensive conventional steel buildings into simpler and economical pre-designed, pre-engineered buildings without sacrificing utility and function. Arcedges has, with the use of specialized software packages and custom developed analysis, computerized the entire engineering process.

Design calculations are comprehensive and the explanations are furnished to enable the consultants in understanding the design of an Arcedges Pre-engineered Building.

Arcedges Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems offer modern solutions to all building constructions along with the benefits of superior quality, efficiency, and durability. Source of material is certified to ensure consistency in quality. Materials are procured from reputed suppliers and manufacturers and full traceability is maintained. The production team converts these in to superior products through the use of advanced equipment and highly skilled manpower.

An established quality management system, which continuously seeks to improve itself, satisfies the relevant national and international quality management system requirements.

Quality is the hallmark of the products designed and manufactured by Arcedges. It is backed by years of research and development with the most modular equipment and stringent quality checks at each stage of production. The Arcedges brand is respected in the market by virtue of inherent quality, reliability and dependability built into the products and services offered by the company.

Logistics & Shipping

Our dedicated logistics and shipping team is equipped with the best resources and ensures that all project material is delivered on time and in the most efficient manner. Our geographic location gives us quick and cost effective transportation solutions across the Indian subcontinent. Arcedges uses proprietary design and engineering software that is fully integrated with manufacturing and logistics.

Arcedges has successfully retained, trained and developed a dedicated team of logistic partners. They are carefully selected based on their overall capabilities that include vehicle fleet and support network. Quality of trailers and transport vehicles is checked prior to every dispatch to ensure timely delivery with minimum transit time. Customers are updated with the tracking of vehicles in transit through daily e-mails. This is facilitated by a regular interaction of tracking office and the vehicle drivers with the help of mobile phones and vehicle tracking systems.

Arcedges has a nation-wide network of distributors and builders assuring local professional support. Delivery of materials in good condition is also ensured by the use of the logistic partner network. All consignments are insured during transit.

Erection & Installation

With custom designed steel buildings that offer structural systems made to suit your requirements, speed of construction and cost efficiency. An average size of a pre-engineered building project is approximately 5000 m2 and can be easily completed within 100 days from the date of finalization of drawings. Arcedges team plans and safely executes the erection of your Projects on time and within budget.

Our customers can count on the vast experience, capabilities and services of the team to efficiently erect their projects of any size and complexity. Our crew is well trained on safety standards and utilizes modern techniques and equipment in the industry.

Our highly skilled, safety-certified team of operating engineers and workers manage erection of Structural Steel or Pre-Engineered Building projects with the highest standards in the industry.

Proven track record is a force to reckon with when managing the logistical challenges of handling fast-track jobs, tight access and solving site limitation issues with unique erection plans. This is what stands Arcedges apart and truly makes any project Creation Simplified. The project quality department ensures end-to-end quality for its buildings during execution and completion.

Maintenance & Support

Through continual development, adherence to material standards, advanced manufacturing techniques, superior quality and onsite precision, Arcedges ensures best PEB’s and Structural Steel Solutions. All products meet the national and international standard requirements. To ensure quality, all products are passed through stringent quality checks in all the stages of manufacturing.

We are the only company in India providing 3-years warranty for water-leak, 3-years material warranty and 10-years structure warranty. Providing customized cutting edge services and need based solutions for each project has always been our motto.

The Arcedges after sales team is at your service to provide periodic maintenance upgrades and repair solutions in case of any such requirements. These buildings are flexible enough to suit different building dimensions; they are easily expandable, can withstand harsh climatic conditions and come with maintenance-free exteriors.